Sunday, March 17, 2013

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

     The name of my blog and Etsy store is Rock The Rules Jewelry.  You can rock the rules in a way of challenging the way things are or you can rock, or be proud and confident of, what you believe in.  Jewelry is definitely a form of expression and one piece can say so much.  You can look elegant and classy, more edgy, or just plain casual and fun.  It depends on your mood and who you are.  We are all different and should celebrate and embrace that.  There has not been a better time in history to express your individuality than today. 

     I am a southern girl who grew up believing you don't wear white after Labor Day and you don't mix metal colors (you either wear gold or silver) and many other traditional ideas.  I like those old fashioned ideas, but I am so glad that in today's fashion world basically anything goes.  We are no longer inhibited in what we think looks good and fits our personal sense of style.

     That being said, I made these fun and colorful earrings that, well, speak for themselves! LOL!  Earrings don't have to be matchy matchy anymore and I love it.


      Of course I am not the only person who immediately thought of this song!

Can you start or end a relationship with these earrings?  At least it would be in person!