Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Can Dress Like A Domestic Goddess, But That's It!

These earrings are so pretty!  They are made of Agate and Hematite.  The larger of the two Agate beads is magenta and black in color.  Dangling earrings from chain not only hang beautifully, but have great movement as well. 

One of my favorite looks is anything with a '50's and '60's look.  Women at that time were classy-looking, but they also had such a sense of style.  These bracelets remind me of that time because of the style of the dress charm.  The mirror, lipstick, and red lip charms represent how women really paid attention to how they looked.  We have all made jokes about June Cleaver vacuuming the house in pearls, but they didn't have sweat pants days or pajama bottoms on at the supermarket!  They took a lot of time and work into their appearance.  Both of these bracelets symbolize, to me, that fashion and style are a woman's right and privelege.

The dress does kind of have a Marilyn Monroe appeal to it.


I had to add this photo.

They are stylish and classy, but they did give us women a lot to live up to.  Domestic goddess I am not!

They had to be sniffing the cleaner or something to be that happy doing housework.

This is more like it!

I don't think there is ANYTHING glamorous about this time period.  I never would have made it then!

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  1. pretty stand!